Chocolate and Organic Cacao Products/ Productos de Chocolate Fino y Cacao Organico

We offer the following products/Ofrecemos los siguientes productos:

Fine Chocolate Bar / Barra (1.4oz) de Chocolate Fino (60% o 70%)

Large Chocolate Bar/Barra (5.6oz) de Chocolate Fino (60% o 70%)

Large Untempered Chocolate Blocks (for coverature)

Organic Cacao Nibs / Trocitos de Cacao (12oz)

Powdered Organic Cacao / Cacao en Polvo (12oz)

Roasted Organic Cacao Bean/ Cacao tostado en su cascara (12oz)

“CremaniCacao” Spread (1/2 lb, 1lb and 20 ounces) – Freshly made chocolate mixed with homemade peanut butter, salt and a touch of coconut oil